Design and Layout Skills of Large Abstract Canvas Painting

The design and layout of the decorative canvas can be considered as follows:

First of all, the function of space limits the function of living space and determines its function and mode. Combined with Art Deco, it is the perfect beauty of the interior design. The bedroom is suitable for emotional communication with people or intimate themes; the children’s bedroom is best suited for children’s theme large abstract canvas art; the living room is mainly landscape, which makes the environment more open and clear; and the restaurant can hang some sparse fruits and flowers, which can improve people Appetite.

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2. Unification of decorative style
The local style should be coordinated and subordinate to the overall style. The painting canvas is the highlight of the interior decoration. It should have an aesthetically pleasing harmony with the interior. Abstractionism and modernism are simple and fast, more suitable for transparent space, new decorative style, and novel materials; realism and classical style are suitable for luxurious and elegant decoration style; impressionist painting style can be reflected in the corridor or on the bookcase. Its colorful and lustrous effect has a strong decorative effect.

Third, pay attention to color communication
Canvas art plays a key role in interior decoration. The color and interior wall furniture echoed and did not seem to be isolated. If the style of the furniture is deep and steady, the painting should choose a simple and elegant painting that is coordinated with it. For simple decoration, it is best to choose lively, warm, avant-garde, Large Abstract Wall Art. Colorful rooms can choose from large black and white wall art, contrasting; warm and elegant rooms should be considered in soft colors.

Fourth, choose hand painting as much as possible.
Today, there are print-filled imitations on the market that oxidize and fade over time. Generally, it can be distinguished from the brush strokes of the picture: the large abstract paintings hand-made have an obvious concave and convex feeling on the canvas, and the printed pictures are smooth, and only partially filled with oil paints.