how to plan a gallery wall

Hanging the gallery walls brings the blank living room to life. A collection of display art, photos, and other framed memorabilia filled the homeowner’s personality. Also consider blank wall space outside the living room wall decor, such as a breakfast nook, playroom, bedroom, home office or hallway, whether you are creating a gallery wall for the first time or refreshing an existing display, plan out where the various sections will hang before picking up the hammer. Here, I’ll share five tips for hanging gallery walls in your home.

gallery wall ideas, how to plan a gallery wall

1. Put down the hammer.
Yes, hanging living room gallery walls can be intimidating, but you don’t have to punch holes in the walls immediately. Make your own process easier by using brown kraft paper and laying out the gallery wall. This way, you can confidently arrange the pieces and mark the paper until you find the right formation. When complete, the paper was secured to the wall with painter’s tape and used as a guide for the nails.

2. Select the anchor.
“Identify the part you like best and make it the anchor point to set the tone for the wall. Maybe it’s your newly acquired abstract, a hand-me-down portrait of a beloved grandmother, precious notes, or a child’s sketch. “Whatever you choose, make it the focal point of the wall and a key feature of the story being told. Hang it at eye level (about five feet from the floor) and continue from that point.”

3. Mix and match.
“Don’t be afraid to mix colors, mediums, and price points. Gallery wall ideas are more interesting and thoughtful when they include a variety of styles and textures. Mix vintage drawings in a glass frame with a modern abstract painting on chunky wooden panels. Remember, not every work is a “masterpiece”. Some of the most beautiful pieces of art may come from the hands of your loved ones. The combination will keep it fun and interesting.

4. Space it out
“Make sure your paintings are spaced about three inches apart, and keep the spacing between each one consistent. “To make this measurement consistent and easy, simply cut a small piece of paper about three inches wide. Use that to space each piece accordingly.

5. Hang it up.
“Remember to keep adding to your collection. The fun part is that gallery walls are meant to evolve. When you add to your collection, simply build out and up from the original grouping.