Do you need a foundation to learn oil painting?

The basic basis of learning Buy Big Painting Art oil painting is to grasp the shape and the feeling of color, and to add the feeling of color to the foundation of sketch. Next we will introduce you that if you need the foundation to learn Contemporary Art oil painting ?

Minimalist Painting Canvas Art, Large Black And White Wall art
Minimalist Painting Canvas Art, Large Black And White Wall art

If you have some foundation, you can try it. If you find it difficult, you can go back and continue to study the foundation of shape and color. Find a better teacher to give you some advice. After all, you can impart some experience and make rapid progress in edification.

Painting is not self-taught, it is necessary to find a teacher to teach you, or go to an art training class. Material for Large Modern Canvas Art oil painting: canvas, white powder, turpentine, oil paint, oil brushes, scrapers and so on are sold in various art supplies stores. But you know that the premise of painting well is to draw well the sketch first, and to constantly appreciate and learn to improve the aesthetic, not overnight. First of all, the most basic and fundamental of Large Abstract Wall Art is the need for artistic skills, that is, sketch and color, which is also the basis of all kinds of painting, oil painting is on this basis plus oil painting techniques and completed.

So the most important thing to do well in oil painting is to improve the ability of sketch and color. Self-study is a difficult thing, especially for self-study art, because art is more subtle, need to gradually improve awareness and skills, if no one leads, it is easy to take a detour. So I think it’s better to find a good teacher to guide you in.

Some experiences and suggestions: Art seems to be a more perceptual thing, but in fact, its foundation is rational and scientific understanding. We should think more about the rational analysis of problems and not get caught up in feelings. That is to say, from perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge. Think more and ask more questions. When you have the opportunity, ask the higher education and read more good books. Drawing more, practicing more and sketching more is actually the most important thing. Without the accumulation of quantity, there is no qualitative leap at all. For improving painting skills, copying works is a shortcut, of course, a high standard of copying. It’s better to wait until you have a certain foundation before painting. You can start practicing with more water powder and watercolor, because oil painting materials are more expensive.