Five Elements of Home Interior Design and Decoration Style

Decoration design is very important in interior decoration style , a beautiful home directly and interior decoration style,the beauty of a home is directly related to the interior decoration style.

Interior decoration style — elements of decoration
Interior furniture, carpets, window cloths, etc. are all necessities of life. Their appearance is often characterized by furnishings. Most of them play a decoration effect. Both useful and decorated should be in harmony with each other, and the functions and methods should be consistent and changed, so that the indoor space is comfortable. appropriate, Endowed with characteristics.

Interior decoration style-space elements
The rationalization of space and the feeling of beauty to everyone is the basic task of depicting. We should be brave to explore the new image of space given by age and skill, and not be rigid to the image of space formed in the past.

Interior decoration style-light and shadow elements
Humans like the beauty of natural,they often introduce sunlight directly into the room to eliminate the darkness and closure of the room, especially the top light and soft scattered light, making the indoor space more intimate and natural. The change of light and shadow makes the interior more colorful and gives people a variety of feelings.

Interior decoration style-color elements
In addition to the impact of indoor color on the visual environment, it also directly affects the mood of everyone. Proper color disposal can not only meet the needs of the function but also obtain the effect of beauty. Apart from the usual color rules, interior colors vary with the aesthetic changes of the times.

Interior decoration style-decoration elements
The indispensable components such as pillars, walls, etc. in the interior are required to be renovated to form a complete indoor environment. Fully using the texture characteristics of different decoration materials can achieve a variety of interior art effects with different characteristics, together with the performance of the cultural characteristics of the region.