Contemporay Abstract Wall Art Decor

Contemporary Wall Art can be roughly divided into two categories: Abstract Art Painting and Figurative painting.

The so-called abstract canvas painting is to take away the shape of the natural object in the performance of the picture and replace it with the expression of an idea and image. This kind of painting has no specific image of nature, only color blocks, lines, dots and so on. The painter only triggers association and imagination from the combination of these color blocks. Such works as Zhao Wuji’s works belong to this category. The art theory of abstract painting is various, abstract art is not “about nothing”

Usually, people have a misunderstanding that impressionists, beasts, and futurists are called abstract canvas paintings. In fact, these schools of art only break through the framework of realism and classicism and do not extract the image. At most, they only modernize the image of reality, transform and exaggerate it.

At present, there are many painters who claim to be abstract artwork in our country. Some of them have formed a certain style and their works are quite deep. However, some of them may lack the basis of sketch and have not received the strict training of realistic painting, so they mistakenly think that random smearing is an abstract painting. Such works are not deep in meaning, not interesting, neither decorative interest, nor deliberate ingenuity, but a mere formality. In fact, it greatly distorts the essence of abstract canvas art.

In figurative painting, besides being totally realistic, there are many forms with rich decorative interest, distortion, or between abstraction and figuration.

In short, today is a multi-dimensional era, abstract art paintings creation, whether in terms of content or form of expression, is also diverse. We should not treat each other favorably, but let the works of various schools shine brilliantly in the hundred gardens of an oil painting.

The above mainly refers to original art paintings. That kind of print painting, copying, Limited printing or that kind of rough manufacturing, using factory way to “produce” out of the “line painting”, is not in the scope of discussion.

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