The artist put himself in a bird cage-large canvas wall art

Large canvas wall art-In the work “the cage of ease”, Extra Large Modern Painting Benjamin nordsmark imprisons a 3D printed miniature version of himself in a bird cage, revealing the closed lifestyle of modern people.
Through a combination of craftsmanship and high technology, Large Abstract Canvas Ar the Danish artist and furniture carpenter aims to connect the past with the future and raise questions about people’s stagnant lifestyles based on the past. ABSTRACT PAINTING MODERN WALL DECOR

The comfortable cage consists of a Chinese birdcage with what appears to be a tree growing out of it. It is handmade from steel wire, plaster and paint.
Benjamin nordsmark, a miniature 3d-printed Benjamin nordsmark,Extra Large Black and White Canvas sits on a thick branch and looks at the only exit.
He represents those who choose a simple and comfortable life, who will not adapt to new environment and accept new challenges, which is also the main melody of modern life. The work aims to attract the audience’s attention and encourage them to change their way of life.
“The coddled cage” is part of a Copenhagen creative exhibition that will be on display for the rest of September in maison du Denmark in Paris.
The exhibition showcases the work of ten artists who represent Denmark and create under the theme “how technology affects modern art”.

Large Canvas Wall Art,Discussion About Interior Design

1. Most people first consider hiding unused things in the cabinet, but the cabinet occupies space. In fact, Large Canvas Wall Art we only need to make some changes in color, which may bring unexpected visual effects to your room.The first thing that people think about in the home is the use of a large number of cabinets. In addition to the wardrobe and the special function of the grocery room, the bedroom is also the main storage space, but it needs to be reasonably allocated. In this way, the room can not be crowded.

2. Looking for interior accessories
When you see what you can build, it’s time to come up with a budget. Simple repair work and painting walls are effective ways to increase the appearance of the room. As a result, you can easily find some interior decorations and accessories in stores and online shopping markets. Add some stylish chairs, decorative artwork and colorful curtains to make the room more attractive and unique.

3. Add new elements
New furniture, beautiful indoor plants and warm colors bring creative advantages to the living room, making the living room full of elegant feelings.

4. Choose natural materials
Handicraft, green carpet, and wooden furniture all add elegance to the room, all of which are included in the interior design, allowing natural elements to blend into the house, creating a calm and comfortable atmosphere, while they also have an additional advantage, which is to make the house look cleaner.

5. Add glass, metal material
Glass windows, glass tables, glass sanding lamps, glass cabinets, transparent curtains, transparent furniture, etc. All of them can change any room, allowing more natural light to enter the room. Metal items such as metal chairs, candlesticks, or metal frames are other modern interior decorations that you can use.

6. Try big textures
In interior decoration, large textures generally appear in the form of carpets, curtains, and linen materials. For example, you can use satin next to a woven carpet or blanket.

7. Use large geometric patterns
Large geometric patterns, interesting outlines and bright primary colors, such as lime green, red and orange, can change a bland room. Nowadays, smooth and soft-edged objects are more popular than straight objects.

Proper Colors and Fashionable Abstract Artistic Elements

Modern home is bathed in white with the proper color, some fashionable abstract art and bold elements.

Firstly, the main room has a living room and a dining room, separated by some small walls. The living room is equipped with a corner sofa, several chairs and some colorful touches, such as turquoise chairs , colorful pillows and some artworks which make the space lively. Behind the sofa, you can hang a large canvas art, a cushioned bench and a stack of books.

Secondly, the dining room can also be decorated with artworks, for example, these traditional solid wood tables can be equipped with leather chairs and purple rugs. The chandelier looks like a bold and avant-garde person made a statement in space. The kitchen is open to the dining area, but it can still be visually separated. The kitchen is equipped with a white cabinet and a light blue rear baffle that can make the space very airy.

Thirdly, having wooden beds, simple white floating bedside cabinets and cool chairs, lovely lamps and large artworks in the bedroom can promote and improve the appearance of the space. The bathroom can be covered with interesting bird print wallpapers, and the gold-plated ornaments add a chic and delicate feel to the space. Although the interior looks simple, it’s very comfortable and eye-catching. What’s more, the chic medieval modern style adds a sense of elegance to the space.