Bare wall decoration ideas bedroom

black and white painting, bedroom wall art

black and white paintings, wall decoration ideas bedroom

A large blank wall can be a daunting decoration problem. You know that the wall needs something, but you are not sure of it. In a typical bedroom, the closet occupies one wall, the dressing table of the other wall runs along the length of the wall, and the headboard (with or without headboard) of the third wall clings to the wall. At least one of the three walls may also have windows. The wall facing the foot of the bed is probably the problem, but no matter what your blank wall is, you may spend a lot of time thinking about how to deal with it.

Sometimes, the answer is simple-do nothing at all. Not every wall needs decoration, especially if your bedroom is small or simple. In this case, a blank wall will create a sense of space and simplicity. However, if the blank walls in your bedroom are dark, not assets, then don’t worry. You always have an obvious solution-fill space with an abstract canvas art large artwork or a small gallery.

In many bedroom wall art, there is not enough floor space to add another piece of furniture, especially when the blank wall in question is under the foot of the bed. If that is your situation, then the big idea is a mural. Don’t assume that the abstract modern painting is only suitable for the children ’s room, or that the mural must be a complex scene or design. The mural may be simple, like a flowering branch extending on the wall, or two or three flying birds. You can paint a mural (or ask someone to paint it for you), or if you do n’t believe your freehand artistic ability, you can use a mold. Or skip paint altogether (you must do this if you are a renter) and instead use wall painting or self-adhesive full-size murals to decorate the space. If you do n’t want to do this, you do n’t even have to create a recognizable scene-by using Washi tape to arrange stripes, criss-cross, chevron, or any geometric shape that pleases you, you can turn the bare wall into a bunch of colors and contrast.

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